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Personal Insolvency Services

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Your Alberta Bankruptcy Trustee

At Faber, we understand the stress financial difficulties create. When ignored, financial stress may affect your health, job, relationships, children and overall wellbeing.

We also understand that there are a number of different reasons individuals experience financial stress at some point during their lifetime. Illness, job loss, injury, relationship problems, income tax debt, credit card debt, limited retirement income, business failure and high interest rate loans are only a few of the unfortunate circumstances that contribute to financial stress.

When you schedule your free initial consultation with Faber, you will meet in person with one of our federally licenced Trustees in Bankruptcy. Faber Trustees have the education, knowledge and experience to fully understand your unique financial situation and we will take the time during the initial consultation to review with you in detail all of the debt restructuring options available to resolve your financial difficulties and eliminate your financial stress.

Let Faber help you find the debt restructuring solution that is right for you!