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Faber Inc.: Consumer & Corporate Insolvency Solutions

Faber Inc. is a professional services firm providing consumer and corporate insolvency services throughout Northern Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

At Faber Inc., we strive to provide you, our client, with service excellence in everything that we do. When you contact our office for the first time, you will have immediate access to a federally licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy. Faber Inc. Trustees in Bankruptcy are highly educated, experienced and knowledgeable. Most of our Trustees in Bankruptcy have earned multiple professional designations that often include a professional accounting designation.

We have a federally licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy in every office location. When you schedule your free, confidential consultation with Faber, you will meet personally with one of our federally licensed Trustees in Bankruptcy.

Meeting with a Faber federally licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy ensures that you are receiving the most comprehensive and advanced level of professional knowledge, expertise and experience to assist you in determining whether a consumer proposal, a personal bankruptcy or other debt restructuring plan will meet your immediate needs to effectively and efficiently resolve your financial difficulties and give you the fresh financial start you deserve.

Clients choose Faber as their preferred professional financial services provider for our:


Our people are educated, knowledgeable, experienced, respectful, innovative, and strive for excellence in the assessment, development, and delivery of debt restructuring plans based on a thorough and comprehensive understanding of your unique financial situation.

Our strength, success and growth is achieved from the commitment and dedication of our people. Our team is passionate about serving you, our client, to eliminate your debt so you receive a fresh financial start.

Our people continually strive to achieve the highest professional standards in all that they do to exceed client expectations in everything that we do.


We understand that your financial situation is unique and that no two financial situations are exactly the same. With this in mind, we are innovative and collaborative in our approach. We use our ingenuity, creativity, experience and knowledge to develop a debt restructuring plan to meet your immediate needs given your unique financial situation to eliminate your debt and to provide you with a fresh financial start.

We understand complications and conflicts may arise in the development and administration of a debt restructuring plan where the stakeholders have diverging interests, differing opinions and opposing outcomes. We are innovative in our results-driven approach to mitigate conflict and resolve opposing objectives to achieve win-win strategies.


We do what is right. We are honest, sincere and trustworthy. We do what we say and we mean what we do.


We respond to your questions, telephone calls and emails within hours, not within a few business days. We always make ourselves available to meet with you.


We are on time every time. We understand that your time is valuable. We administer your file in a timely manner—completing file administration, reports and tasks in advance of deadlines—and provide you with advance notice of all important dates for meetings and events.


We do it right the first time. Utilizing the most advanced technology, we are productive, efficient and provide quality work that is comprehensive, consistent and reliable for all users and stakeholders.


We treat our clients and all stakeholders in the same manner we like to be treated: with respect, professionalism and courtesy. We understand that financial difficulties can happen to anyone at any time. When it comes to serving you in your time of need, you will find that we are respectful, compassionate and non-judgmental.


We strive for excellence in all that we do, ranging from client service to the development of debt restructuring plans, to file administration, to document preparation and in all forms of communication. The world is constantly evolving, as are client expectations. We work hard to recognize those changes and develop strategies to remain a professional services leader in the delivery of consumer proposals, personal bankruptcies and other debt restructuring plans to meet the diverse needs, challenges and expectations of our clients.

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