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Get Help Before You Fall Behind on Your Mortgage

For most individuals, their home is the most important possession of all. The mere thought of losing the home can become extremely stressful for all family members. There are a number of events that may lead an individual to fall behind on mortgage payments. These include job loss, injury, illness or relationship breakdown, to name a few. It is important to address mortgage payment arrears quickly, as most lenders will begin foreclosure proceedings once 3 mortgage payments are missed. Time is of the essence.

To retain ownership of your home, you will be required to maintain your mortgage payments; however, it may be possible to restructure your unsecured debts in an effort to protect your home.

If you are experiencing difficulty in maintaining your mortgage payments, it is important to contact a Faber Trustee as soon as possible to review your options and discuss a consumer proposal or personal bankruptcy debt restructuring plan.

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