Review your options to find the debt restructuring plan that is right for you to become debt free.

Steps in Filing a Consumer Proposal

At Faber Inc. in Edmonton, we understand that making a consumer proposal to your creditors may be overwhelming, especially when it comes to understanding all of the financial restructuring options, the advantages and disadvantages of each option, the benefits offered in a consumer proposal, the consumer proposal process and all the legal terminology.

The Proposal Administrators at Faber Inc. have extensive experience and knowledge in structuring and administering consumer proposals in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Faber Inc. has helped thousands of Albertans resolve their financial difficulties by making a consumer proposal.

A Faber Trustee (Proposal Administrator) will meet with you to explain the consumer proposal process, your rights, the protection you will receive from creditors, gather your financial information and review with you the preferred method of structuring your consumer proposal to gain acceptance of your consumer proposal by your unsecured creditors.

Faber Inc. will prepare all of the necessary forms and reports for you to sign. Faber Inc. will file your proposal and will send notice to all of your creditors.

Below is the step by step process we follow:

Step 1 )  Call Faber Inc. to schedule your free initial consultation with a Faber Trustee (Proposal Administrator).

Step 2 )  Review your options to confirm that a consumer proposal is the right option for you.

Step 3 )  Faber Inc. provides guidance and recommendations in structuring the terms of your consumer proposal.

Step 4 )  Faber Inc. files your consumer proposal and sends notice to all of your creditors. (Payments to unsecured creditors stop. You receive immediate protection from your unsecured creditors.)

Step 5 )  Faber Inc. administers the creditor voting and Court approval process.

Step 6 )  The terms of your proposal are performed by you through monthly payments or a single lump sum payment.

Step 7 )  The proposal is completed and you are debt free, having achieved a final settlement of your debts.

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