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Easily Compare Debt Restructuring Plans

The debt restructuring calculator is a tool to provide you with a preliminary overview and comparison of the 5 different restructuring plans available for your consideration in determining the restructuring plan that is best for you. The 5 restructuring plans include maintaining regular monthly payments to creditors, consolidation loans, orderly payment of debts, consumer proposals and bankruptcy. The calculator is not comprehensive or exhaustive and is intended for demonstration and discussion purposes only. There are many additional factors and variables that require consideration that are beyond the scope and capabilities of the calculator.

We invite you to contact our office to schedule your free, confidential, no-obligation consultation to review your unique financial situation and to further evaluate the restructuring plan best suited to your unique financial situation to eliminate your debt and provide you with the fresh financial start you deserve.

  • Total Regular Payments
  • Consolidation Loan
  • Orderly Payment of Debt
  • Consumer Proposal
  • Bankruptcy

Enter values to review different debt restructuring plans.

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This calculator uses the following interest rates:

  • Regular Repayment: 17%
  • Consolidation Loan: 12%
  • Orderly Payments: 5%
  • Consumer Proposal: 0%
  • Bankruptcy: 0%
Total Regular Payments:

$5 each month over 3 years.

Consolidation Loan:

$5 each month over 3 years.

Orderly Payment of Debt:

$4 each month over 3 years

Consumer Proposal:

$4 each month for 36 months.


$15 each month for 9 months.

Your Debt Solution Options Total Payment ($) Regular Repayment Consolidation Loan Orderly Payments Consumer Proposal Bankruptcy 120 140 160 180 200 $180 $180 $144 $135 $129 Type of Debt Solution
Type Total Payment ($)
Regular Repayment $180
Consolidation Loan $180
Orderly Payments $144
Consumer Proposal $135
Bankruptcy $129
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