Fern Auger


Senior Analyst

25 Years Experience

About Fern

As a Senior Analyst, Fern’s primary roles are providing financial counseling and the Administration of Personal Bankruptcies. Fern has been with Faber since 2016 and her favourite part of the job is the personal interaction with clients.

Prior to working at Faber, Fern had two decades of experience working as an Estate Manager with A.C. Waring & Associates. During her time with A.C. Waring, she was introduced to corporate insolvency. She administered her first corporate bankruptcy files and Division I proposals. On the personal insolvency side, she administered Consumer Proposals from inception to completion along with personal bankruptcies.

Fern considers herself to be a lucky person. She was once hit by a car and was fortunate to walk away with only a rip on the knee of her pants. On the other hand, she also lost a pet snake when she was younger and never found him.